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      Star products

      • ABIL? EM 90 ★★★

        The emulsifier for water in oil emulsion has excellent heat and cold stability.

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      • dermofeel? NC MB ★★★

        The peg-free multifunctional emulsifier for oil in water system is 100% derived from renewable raw materials and has obtained many natural certifications.

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      • TEGO? Care 450 MB ★★★

        The universal emulsifier of plant origin without polyethylene glycol is suitable for the preparation of water ointment cream and emulsion.

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      • SK-influx/SK-influx V ★★★

        Lipid concentrate with the same natural composition as human skin can repair barrier function.

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      • Silsoft 034 fluid ★★★

        Alkyl modified silicone oil, oil phase super spreading agent, effectively reduce the sticky feeling of organic oil.

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      • Silsoft E-pearl PMF emulsion ★★★

        Won the first cosmotics design beauty industry global best skin feeling award. The unique multifunctional emulsion contains organosilicon microspheres, poly two methyl siloxane and moisturizing alkyl modified organosilicon wax.

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      • Velvesil E-Gel PMF emulsion ★★★

        Awarded the 2018 Cosmetics-Design cosmetic industry's best skin sensation award in the world. It is a versatile emulsion of global patents. It can provide consumers with pleasant soft, velvet like silky skin feeling, and long-term moisturizing.

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      • SS 4230 fluid ★★★

        45% MQ tree ester dispersed in D5 solvent, applied to skin care, sunscreen and make-up products, provides excellent film forming characteristics, waterproof and sweat resistance, helps liquid foundation, mascara, lipstick long lasting effect, effectively improves SPF value in sunscreen application.

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      • Tospearl 3000A microsphere ★★★

        Spherical silicone resin, micro particle diameter of 4-7 μ m, can improve the daub ility of skin care products, can play a soft burnt, matte wrinkle removal effect, provide unexpected silky touch, widely used in cosmetics, sunscreen and skin care products.

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        Unique surfactants, strong solubilization, high compatibility, high stability, less foam, can improve skin feel, enhance the durability of perfume, high safety, make cleansing remover more thorough in cleaning products, and display in low viscosity formula.

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      • COVACRYL AC ★★★

        High purity polyacrylic acid ester can be swelled in cold water, without neutralization, and can form transparent gel with wire drawing. It has the most silk slippery feeling, it is refreshing and sticky after absorption, and is less affected by electrolytes and temperature.

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      • COVACRYL MV60 ★★★

        The unique product can be dissolved in cold water to form a translucent colloid, without neutralization. It has a smoothie appearance, dry powder, long-term and fresh skin feeling. It can provide matte effect. It can also be used to reduce or improve the stickiness of the water product, and is less affected by temperature and electrolyte.

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      • COVACRYL SP ★★★

        Water thickeners, at very low concentrations, can be highly viscous, highly transparent and highly sensitive to high salt systems. The electrolytes on the skin will destroy the network structure of the gel, releasing moisture from the formula, giving the skin a sense of fresh and moist water.

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      • FUCOSORB ★★★

        Natural antiallergic and antistimulant agent, which contains fucoidan sulfate and skin keratin, forms a protective film through the combination of anion and cation bonds, strengthens the skin's resistance to external stimulation, increases the natural protection and repair ability of the skin, moisturizes and softens the skin.

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        The unique composite surface treatment technology, its hydrophobicity makes the toner disperse more evenly in the oil phase; it can improve the loading force of the toner without changing the viscosity of the formula, which is better in medium and high polar oil; it can improve the stability of the formula of water in oil and water in silicon system; it can be used to prepare high powder, low viscosity system.

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      • Neolone? PH100 ★★★

        It is widely used in personal care formula with low odor and low irritation. It can be used in the condition of ph4-8. It can be used with most preservatives and fungicides. It has excellent synergy with neolone ? The results showed that 950 had excellent synergistic effect and the maximum dosage was 1.00% of the product concentration.

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      • SalSphere? Even Skin ★★★

        Package 30% salicylic acid. Can be used for daily skin cleaning, acne, exfoliation, reduce sebum. Effectively reduce skin blemishes and make skin appear smoother, younger and brighter. The coated salicylic acid can be used in carbomer thickener system and transparent system products can be produced.

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      • MultiSal? Multilayer ★★★

        MultiSal? is a double-layer coating technology, which can effectively protect phenylethyl resorcinol, increase formula stability, slow release and no irritation. Using a single raw material, the technology can provide multi effect ingredients to exfoliate, moisturize, brighten and wrinkle. Unique particle wrapping technology can control the release of active ingredients to all levels of the skin.

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      • HydroSal? SalCool ★★★

        The compound cooling agent without menthol can release a variety of cool agents through water excitation, lasting cool feeling, colorless, tasteless and transparent, no irritation (especially for eyes), and can be used in a variety of system formulations.

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      Evonik is an innovative international industrial group originating from Germany with 39,000 employees and operations all over the world. In the chemical, energy and real estate fields, it is in a leading position in the market. Their strengths are change and innovation, technical expertise, self-renewal and trustworthiness.

      Momentive Advanced Materials Group has inherited the business of the high-tech materials division of the former General Electric Company (GE). It has started the development of silicone technology and product production in 1947, and is a supplier of silicone technology and application solutions.

      American Senxin Technology Group is a global multinational company with a history of more than 120 years. The company has been committed to providing high-quality flavors, fragrances and color products to business partners in the food and personal care industry. After rapid development, Senxin Technology has become the world's largest pigment supplier; it ranks among the world's top five in the flavor industry.

      Dow is a diversified chemical company that uses the power of science, technology and the "human element" to continuously improve the basic elements that promote human progress. The company applies sustainability principles to chemistry and innovation, and is committed to solving many challenges in today's world.

      DuPont established an office in Beijing in 1984 and became one of the first Fortune 500 companies to invest in China. In 2015, the new company merged with Dow Chemical will become the world's second largest chemical company after BASF, making full use of its scientific knowledge and professional skills to explore, design and provide solutions for people around the world.

      SALVONA was established in 1998 and is based on technology. There are currently 138 patents around the world, and there are more than 100 global patents for the formulation and application of parcel delivery systems. Wrapping technology aims to solve production and application issues, such as the stability of raw materials, the availability of formulas, environmental and safety issues, and user compliance.

      SNF is the world's leading manufacturer of water-soluble and water-swellable polymers, which can be widely used in many fields. At present, SNF's polyacrylamide and its homopolymer and copolymer derivatives occupy a leading position in the global market.

      Raunstein has been providing bright, trend-setting colors for fur, hair and leather industries around the world since 1897. They provide customers with the most advanced dye products and personalized services, ranging from multinational and world-renowned companies to small, private companies.

      Symrise is an international fragrance company merged by Deweilong and H&R. Dezhixin is one of the world's leading flavor and fragrance and plant extract companies.

      Firmenich Group, headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland, is one of the most authoritative and successful suppliers in the flavor and fragrance industry today, providing customers at home and abroad with innovative and high-quality flavor and fragrance products.

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      New Daily Chemical Trade Development (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd. was established in Hong Kong in 1989, and then established a wholly-owned subsidiary in Guangzhou: Guangzhou Zhenbang Daily Chemical Co., Ltd. Since its establishment, we have established friendly cooperative relations with many well-known raw material suppliers around the world, such as EVONIK, DOW, MOMENTIVE, SENSIENT, Lowenstein, SALVONA, SNF, etc. The product line covers emulsifiers, greases, surfactants, silicone oils, Thickeners, flavors, pigments, preservatives, sunscreens, etc.


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